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Tarracina Port

Tarracina Port: A city-state for AD&D™ ($24.95)

Tarracina Port: A city-state for AD&D™ © 1987, First edition, mint condition, published independently, Very Rare.  This city-state is undeniably the finest city-state ever published for 1st-edition AD&D™.  This is a numbered, limited edition (only 1000 copies were ever printed), and is signed by the author.  It is suitable for 1st and 2nd edition AD&D™ and has recommendations for placing it within the AD&D™ World of Greyhawk™, D&D™ World of Mystara™, and Judges Guild™ Wilderlands™ campaign settings.

The GM map is 22”x34” B&W, scale is 1”=100 feet.  The 222 page guidebook has hundreds of listings with dozens of illustrations and floor plans, e.g., the Palace is 10 stories above ground and 10 dungeon levels below ground.  The introduction has details on the history, buildings, calendar, fortifications, garrison, army, lighting, residents, river, tides, etc. Included in the guidebook appendices are: New Spells, New Monsters, New Artifacts, Magic and Relics, Day/Night Encounter tables, Rumor Tables, Common Knowledge Tables, Laws, Alternate Monk Class and a Comprehensive Index.

The laws are based upon the Welsh laws of Hywel Dda of the tenth century, the decrees of King Æthelberht established in the late seventh century, and the laws of Ine and of Alfred, also of the late 7th and 9th century, modified for the AD&D™ system.


Numerous adventures have obviously happened in Tarracina Port.  Sadly only two modules were published for Tarracina Port, CS1 and CS2.

Both modules were play tested with the author’s players and were also played at Genghis Con, a gaming convention hosted by the Denver Gamers Association.  Loki’s Wine was actually played for eight years in a row with scores of players many of whom enjoyed playing the module year after year.

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