AD&D™ Supplement FAQs

Q:  Why haven't I heard of these products if they have been out since 1987?

Unless you are from Colorado you probably would not have.  1987 was the year Tarracina Port was introduced to the public at Genghis Con, a gaming convention in Denver, Colorado, USA.  In fact only two or three draft copies were given to people to review in 1987.

Because of the author's busy schedule it just was not successfully marketed and published.  So I would say it is (c) 1987 and printed in 2001. Furthermore, CS1: Terror in Tarracina was played 3 times at Genghis Con 1987 and CS2: Loki's Wine was played multiple times each year between 1987-1994, at Genghis Cons and TactiCon in Denver Colorado, USA.

Q:  What is the story? Tell us more.

Tarracina Port is a 1st edition AD&D™ product.  It's development took over 4+ years, I worked on it during my free time while I pursued my Chemical Engineering degree, I graduated in December 1985.  I contacted TSR™ around the end of 1985 about selling it to them.  TSR™ expressed interest and sent me an author packet.  They liked the idea, the artwork, floor plans and the city map.  I spent the next few months finishing up a draft to send to them.

When I was ready to send them the draft,  AD&D™ 2nd edition just came out or was about to be released.  I was told by TSR™ that they were still potentially interested but I had to convert everything to 2nd edition.  Needless to say, I quickly bought the 2nd edition AD&D™ books and realized that it would require a massive amount of work to convert it over.  I was burned out working on it and my day-job was requiring more of my time so I decided just to shelve it.  That was 1987.

Recently, late 2001 a work acquaintance of mine started a D&D™ game, he needed some players and I said I would volunteer.  Needing a place to play everyone met at my house.  He saw all my city state stuff and was impressed.

With some encouragement I decided to have a local printer print up a limited run of 1000 and see if I couldn't market them myself on ebay and through the internet.  The city state is spiral bound (BNC) and the modules are what they call saddle stitched (basically 11x22 inches folded and stapled) most modules are done this way.

Q:  Are you the author?

Yes I am the author, illustrator and publisher.

Q:  So how many city state modules were published?

Numerous adventures have obviously happened in Tarracina Port.  Sadly only two modules were published for Tarracina Port, CS1 and CS2CS1: Terror in Tarracina is a murder mystery for 6-7 characters of 10th level and above.  CS2: Loki's Wine is a module designed 2-9 characters of any level, as long as the players have a firm grasp of the rules.

Q:  Do you plan to publish any more modules?

Perhaps, I have approximately 10 more modules that could be published.  It all depends how successful the current offering is.  If there is a demand I will publish some more modules.

Q:  Can we order directly from you?

Yes, you can.  I prefer paypal or contact me by email if you want to snail mail a money order:
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Q:  What are the prices again?

Tarracina Port: A city state for AD&D™ + 1 map ($24.95), CS1: Terror in Tarracina ($8.95), CS2: Loki's Wine ($8.95), Extra City State Map ($3.00)

Q:  What is the Shipping and insurance?

If you only want Tarracina Port, shipping and insurance in the United States is $5.00.  If you want the entire trilogy, shipping and insurance in the United States is $6.00.  I ship media mail, if you want Priority add $2.00.

Q:  Do you ship International?

Yes, but contact me first to determine the cost.